Comprar Magazine NO VENDE ningún dispositivo. SOMOS SÓLO un servicio de marketing para los mayoristas verificados!

Reach Latin America, US Hispanic & Caribbean retailers / resellers with

The #1 Wholesale Buyers Guide in US, LATAM and Caribbean.

Launch a campaign with the most extensive wholesale guide in US, LATAM and Caribbean.

Comprar Magazine specializes in Print, Web, Email-Blast, Lead Generation and Social marketing.

Comprar Magazine leads in distributing and implementing advertising programs for the consumer electronic industry. We don’t just promote – we socialize, we generate, we secure buyers.

Our goal is to maximize advertisers exposure. Branding products & companies, reinforcing quality and honesty to our readership, and delivering a company’s message. We don’t just sit idly by waiting for our magazines to be delivered to retailers/resellers – we commit ourselves to disrupting the conventional.

We’ve been in this business for over 30 years – collecting industry marketing contacts for our databases and distribution – taking the consumer electronic industry to the right targeted audience.

Comprar Magazine is quickly becoming an industry standard in the consumer electronic industry as a reputable buyers guide for new and profitable technology products and services.



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Comprar’s mission is to get your company information into the hands of retailers both in the Caribbean and Latin America as well as those in the U.S. markets. These retailers are always looking for products that will bring new customers into the store, improve their operating efficiency and increase their profit margins.


over 100,000 monthly impressions & growing

Active Buyers in Emerging & North American Markets



  • Online Magazine Exposure


  • Monthly Web Traffic


  • Reach our fans through our FB page. You get to post your deals directly or interect with them to sustain your brand!

  • Email Blasts

    We send your email ad ready campaigns to our buyers list! 30k emails!

  • Print Distribution

    We monthly mail our latest magazine edition to over 15k LATAM, Caribbean and US retailers!

  • Post Your Products!

    Take advantage of’s readership and promote your products! We publish your inventory, which then gets sent to our 1,500+ subscribers (via email) and get listed on our web so it can be searched by our readers! Awesome Exposure!!

  • Daily Registered Buyers!

    Interested buyers register with Comprar Magazine to find the latest deals from trusted distributors. We pass this information to our advertisers in the form of weekly leads. Every week advertisers receive the buyers’ contact information and product interest.

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