Apple iPhone unveils 3G S

6-08-09iphone3gspressdApple does it again. Apple unveiled a new iPhone today at WWDC: the iPhone 3G S. The S evidently stands for sppeeeedd.. And it seems to be living up to its initial. It may resemble the 3G but it has power under the hood, quadrupling its task-taking performance. Data travels upped to 7.2Mbps HSDPA. The camera has changed to a 3mp, with a tap-to-autofocus and auto whitebalance, with supporting  30fps VGA video recording with editing features. Along with the upgrades it comes with compass, Nike+ support, and a new battery that offers 5 hours of talk. There are a number of goodies inside along with new voice control interface that let’s you navigate when your finger are tired. Oh, and there’s also a “fingerprint-resistant olephobic coating”, that should be a nice feature in itself…if it works…

Contract pricing is $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB, goes on sale June 18th in the States and 80 more countries in August. $299 for the 3G and $399-$499 for the 3G S for those in mid-contract.

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