Nokia N86 8MP coming to US, priced at $558

n86-official-01So it seems, let me repeat, it seems that the Nokia N86 8MP will be coming to Nokia’s US flagship stores in New York and Chicago, with the inclusion of nokiausa.com in the “coming weeks.” But the way Nokia is approaching the US market with its strategic shift (of trying to release phones in US market first before others, of trying to give in to US carriers needs and to give much consideration to the attention-seeking American consumer), it would seem that the US availability of the N85 and N97 launch will not come to fruition. But we like to keep a positive outlook on things in Comprar. The N86 is expected to price out in $558 with no contract. Yes, we know it’s not even rounded off. But what do you expect from a device that is probably the best S60 device. You will most likely see a price shift if you get it through third-party retailers, which is why you should check these vendors of Nokia wholesale cell phones and wholesale cell phones accessories

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