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Parece ser que el Centurion no fue la única sorpresa de i-mate en el MWC la semana pasada. El problemático titular de la licencia WinMo se ve preparado para un posible resurgimiento con su nueva línea de hardware, reforzado por una interesante combinación de equipos revelados por Pocket-lint durante el transcurso del show. Read more

Say, for a moment, that Windows Mobile is Planet Earth; if the Touch Diamond lies somewhere around the North Pole, then we think you’d find this one freezing its ass off down in Antarctica. It’s a stretch of an analogy, we know, but it’s difficult to express just how different (and by “different” we mean “less attractive”) i-mate’s rumored “Hummer” is than some of its Windows Mobile 6.1 contemporaries. Granted, it does HSDPA, WiFi, and it’s supposed to be ruggedized — but we’re not really convinced that exposed screws were the right way to get that point across. Then again, most of the devices rumored out of the house of i-mate from last year didn’t make it to production, and this one may very well not either, so why sweat it?

via: Boygeniusreport