Dedicated Micros: License Plate Capture camera

dedi-microIf you need that extra protection in your parking lot, garage and/or even the front yard of your house then this camera device seems to be a perfect match for automobile access settings. This is an ideal product that is specific in its job: capturing car license plates.

Dedicated Micros HyperSense technology has been used in our range of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Optimized cameras to capture and record vehicle license plates.

Available in both analogue and IP models, Dedicated Micros unique HyperSense technology removes ambient light from the scene leaving only the objects that strongly reflect the IR light emitted by the integrated invisible IR LED flash to be displayed. Eliminating glare from vehicle headlights and providing a more distinct image, Dedicated Micros ANPR optimized cameras speed up ANPR computation and increase read accuracy.

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Ideal for deployment in a range of applications including Petrol Forecourt monitoring and Car Park Barrier control, the range includes dedicated ANPR cameras, designed to capture the plate detail of passing vehicles, and combined ANPR / Overview cameras, to associate color images of the vehicles with their number plates.


  • Identify and record the license plate details of all vehicles coming into, and/or leaving, a particular area irrespective of the lighting condition
  • Ambient light removal means that even headlight glare will not degrade the image
  • Ambient scene removal extracts unnecessary detail from the image, speeding up plate finding and improving accuracy
  • Overview camera provides high-resolution image for vehicle association
  • IP Options preloaded with ANPR software allowing analytics to be processed at the camera
  • Include ANPR into your existing NetVu Connected CCTV installation without the need to redesign or re-install the system
  • Combined with associated signage ANPR provides a visible deterrent to would-be offenders, for example drive-offs

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