HTC Touch HD Pro in the works?

If the HTC Touch HD met the Touch Pro and the sweet touch screen was accompanied by that sweet keyboard, you’d have one hell of a device. Don’t hold your breath, though, because it’s just a rumor right now. We already know that the Touch HD, with a wicked 3.8 WVGA 800 x 480 touch screen isn’t officially coming to the U.S. We’re also going to be missing out on that 5MP autofocus camera and 3G goodness from the device whose screen blows the iPhone’s screen out of the water. It’s probably not too far-fetched, or maybe HTC will come up with something similar, but for now combining the two would make one thick, hefty device. What do you guys prefer – the touch screen on the HD or having the convenience of the keyboard like the Touch Pro? Can’t we have the best of both worlds?

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  1. Better phones wanted
    Better phones wanted says:

    Have you been reading my diary?

    HTC, 800px resolution, a hardware keyboard. All it needs is a good browser that supports flash, standard PIM software, wireless TV and VERIZON 3G. There isn’t anything more anyone could ever want !

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