Nokia’s N97 – Techinical Specs update

n97-forum-nokiaFor those that get techie when buying a new cell phone you’ll be glad and maybe a little discouraged to know that Nokia’s N97 might not be such a big splash when compared side-to-side with Samsung’s i8910. N97’s processor is a single-core ARM11 (which was the same processor for prior cell phones, so nothing new there), it tops off a 434MHz, that’s only 65MHz faster than the 5800’s – an improvement, but we should see crazy firework’s with Nokia’s flagship phone but all we get are sparklers. Contrastingly, Samsung’s i8910 tops at 600MHz with ARM Cortex-48. Though on the plus side, Nokia’s N97 supports charging via micro-USB, which the 5800s don’t. There has to be balance in life, I guess.

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