BlackBerry Onyx reviewed and observed.

blackberry-onyx-itw-cbIf you are looking for a cell phone in 6 months or a year, then you should be directing your eye to Blackberry. Those boys seem to be busy working on about ten devices – diligently! The Blackberry Onyx is among those coveted devices. It does UMTS, and quite possibly HSDPA, has 3.2 mp AF camera, 480 x 360 display, GPS, WiFi and a desired, thin body, much more than the Bolds. The fellows at CrackBerry managed to get hold of the Onyx and have positive things to say about it. It follows the 8900 and 9000 steps in traits overall. So read on and enjoy. Don’t expect it to be marketing any time soon; At&t just launched the 8900 a week ago. Be on the lookout for this device and many more to come.

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