Refrigeración líquida y ventiladores a 8.000 RPM: Las revolucionarias CPU Intel Granite Rapids

Refrigeración líquida y ventiladores a 8.000 RPM: Las revolucionarias CPU Intel Granite Rapids

Las CPU Intel Granite Rapids tendrán una refrigeración líquida con ventiladores a 8.000 RPM

Intel must take two strides forward in servers if it wants to compete head-to-head with AMD. So far, Lisa Su’s company has gradually gained ground, with the blue giant relying on its robust software and compatibility to remain relevant in the sector. The first step towards Intel’s comeback is Granite Rapids with its LGA 7529 socket; however, there’s an issue: excessive power consumption. Granite Rapids will require a triple AIO to dissipate a massive 700W. Intel plans to manage this heat generation with an advanced cooling system, including 8 cm fans rotating at up to 8,000 RPM.

A triple jet engine in a server seems over the top, but the decision was based on performance, cost, and space requirements. Immersion cooling is here to stay, and this AIO represents the minimum requirement for adequate cooling.

Intel’s sixth-generation Rapids server processors pack a punch, and advancements in node technology won’t prevent the need for heat dissipation from skyrocketing. Server segments, like PCs and laptops, are dividing into categories based on performance and power consumption.

Segmentation will be based on P-Core and the number of integrated cores, as well as E-Core, which offers more cores and greater efficiency. The servers will have to face off against each other due to their specific requirements.

Granite Rapids will choose the most extreme option in terms of core count and power consumption, with P-Core Redwood Cove (theoretically, up to 136 cores per CPU), resulting in the aforementioned 700W of heat to dissipate. This is where Dynatron steps in with its powerful, compact, and extreme triple AIO cooling solution, the Dynatron L38.

The technical specifications for the Dynatron L38 are genuinely impressive. The cooling system includes a small yet potent standalone water pump with a flow rate of 1.7 liters per minute. The fans operate between 2,400 and 8,000 RPM, generating an incredibly high static pressure for such small fans. The noise level may be unbearable for some, especially in 2U racks, reaching up to 57 dBA.

Despite its remarkable features, companies may still turn to immersion tanks to keep temperatures under control and ensure maximum reliability. Regardless, Granite Rapids will have to settle for this triple AIO as the bare minimum cooling solution for manufacturers or assemblers.

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